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When I was born, my big sister hated me. Naturally, she told my mom to take me back to where I came from. Completely understandable.  She was always the only girl, and I was about to ruin her entire life by simply being alive. I, on the other hand, remember having nothing but love and admiration for her. She was always the one I wanted to be when I grew up, and that still hasn’t changed. I joined dance because of her, followed her and her cool friends around like a little puppy dog (thank you, by the way for letting me) and it might have been the best day of my life when we started sharing a room for the first time. “Are they twins?” was the biggest compliment in the world, but she usually didn’t see it that way.

At some point along the way, I think she realized we make a pretty good team. If you’re lucky enough to know her, you know that she is the most genuine, compassionate and selfless person out there. She is my ray of sunshine and my forever best friend, and I have a lot to thank her for.

Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself, and always knowing exactly what to say. With the amount of time we spent together growing up we have a telepathy that nobody will ever understand. With a simple look, we know exactly what the other is thinking, which has proven to be super helpful at family dinners and annoying to everyone around us! sorry @mom

Thank you for being so unapologetically yourself. You are one of the only people I know that never compromises yourself for others’ approval. You know yourself and what you’re capable of, and I will always admire that. I love how passionate you are about what you really care about, how kind you are to others, and your ability to see the world for how it is. You’re realistic and everybody needs some of that clarity in their lives – especially people like me who have their head in the clouds most of the time.

Thanks for being there for the big and small things in life. For listening to all my problems, the stupid situations I get myself into, and driving the getaway car when I need you most (quite literally – lol). Thanks for being my rock, and my forever dance partner. Thanks for all the hugs, the tears and the laughing so hard we forget how to breathe.

Thanks for being my role model. You are ridiculously smart and wise beyond your years, and I will never not envy your brain. You’re fiercely independent and softly strong. Growing up next to you has always made me push myself, so thank you for constantly challenging and inspiring me along the way.

Thanks for being my person, and my best friend for life. I’ll always be your biggest cheerleader and a shoulder to cry on, your travel buddy and a hand to hold. Even though we usually have a long distance relationship, I know you’re just a phone call away and I can count on you for literally anything. You don’t really have a choice, we’re in this together.

I’m so incredibly proud to be your sister, and can’t wait to watch you change the world. I hope 22 brings you nothing but pure happiness, adventure and a whole lot of love, because you deserve it more than anyone.

Happy birthday to you, my incredibly strong, kind, and beautiful big sis!

I love you a lot.

- Iz

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